Saturday, August 8, 2009

FREE 1st week rent! Luxury skyhomes, furnished, on a dreamy, paradise sim

FLUXVIEW RENTALS is offering now:

Luxury skyhomes, fully furnished on a paradise sim.
Affordable, competitive rent prices, friendly management team.
A dream sim filled with art, can be explored freely, so is part of your BIG garden.

Dont hesitate because these will be filled quickly !

NOW: First week FREE rent when rented 4!!

Im inworld: Ni Lemon or Mitch Shelman

Take TP from board at entrance

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Grand Re-Opening of the NEW FLUXGATE GALLERY, August 6, 23:00 CET/2 PM SLT at Tuuli sim

Re-opening August 6, 2009 at Tuuli sim.
We cordially invite you to the Grand Re-Opening of the NEW FLUXGATE GALLERY, August 6, 23:00 CET/2 PM SLT at Tuuli sim.

After we came to this new sim, we did a complete make-over of the FLUXGATE Gallery, spacious and open on a serene, artfully crafted landscape, that we created as a mirror of us and our feelings.
We think we have an unique stylish Gallery, on an environment that is dedicated to all of you, our visitors, to see artworks around, and enjoy the details and different environments, where dreams and desires become a reality.
Featured here is art by Mitch Shelman working in the discipline of kinetic and mixed-media arts, using both RL and SL tools to create before non-existent content. The exhibit is a wonderful example of what happens when art meets science and color meets movement.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello friends and art lovers,

Now at a BIGGER, GRANDER place !

A sim filled with art on a beautiful laid-out landscape for all to explore with 2 buildings showing amazing cutting-edge art !
Also we have beautiful sky rentals to check out !
Soon we will invite you all to our GRAND OPENING on Tuuli sim.
You can have a sneak preview of all at Tuuli.

We welcome you all, see you at Tuuli !!

Ni Lemon and Mitch Shelman

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Latest work of Mitch: Naiads Hope

Latest work of Mitch: Naiads Hope

On display at: Fluxgate Gallery

NEW Installation Shelman Art at Untold Ark Art Gallery

NEW Installation Shelman Art at Untold Ark Art Gallery !

Visit this wonderful new display at: Untold Ark Art Gallery

Friday, July 3, 2009

NEW video of Mergate seaworld at Fluxgate Gallery

NEW video of Mergate Seaworld at Fluxgate Gallery

This video shows how atlantes, in SL, can play, imagine, and dream, about their old old world. Just a workgame, not an artistic one, but even so, it's a wonderfull place, and a dream became true. Visiting Fluxgate gallery, take a look and dive inside the Mergate Sea world. Please enjoy !
Video made by Ni Lemon

Friday, June 26, 2009

Koblenz SIM Second Anniversary Celebration and Concert ! June 28th, 2:00 PM SLT

Join us for the Second Anniversary of the beautiful Koblenz SIM, a recreation of the lovely town on the Rhine River with a castle and grand statue! The Koblenz sim is full of stellar Art Galleries with artists from RL and SL artists as well. We will begin the festivities with a concert by Peregrine Singh a musician unique in SL. Afterwards Peregrine will DJ Samba and Carnival music as we hold a dancing parade through the SIM to visit the galleries that will end near "Deutsches Eck" (german corner) with a Fireworks Display!!
Please join us for a fun time full of music and art

RL Artists: Alexander v. Treuenfels, Hotte, Gerd Kallmann, Rüdiger Bartz, Tonu Noorits, luciella Lutrova

SL Artists: Feathers Boa, Eves Rodenberger, Sledge Roffo, Mitch Shelman, Panteleimon Aeon, Sakura2 Kohime